Thursday, 13 December 2012

Bandhani Sarees – Exquisite Indian Dress That has Global Recognition

Bandhani Sarees are very popular around the world. These sarees which are mainly made in Gujarat and Rajasthan are known for their energetic colour and dynamic design and patterns combination. The expert Bandhani Saree makers use specialized technique to colour the saree. The process of colouring starts by first putting a lighter shade and then after the fabric is knotted, the darker shade of the same colour all over the saree fabric to make it look appealing. After the initial colouring is done, different colours are introduced to create a beautiful pattern. The skilled workers make small dots and circles to make a unique and visually appealing design. If you wish to buy Bandhani sarees, the best way to check its quality is it to notice the dots and circle. 

The smaller the dots and circles more fine is the quality of the saree. The designing and making of pattern is a very skilful and enduring task and it takes years of experience and training to create a beautiful design. The Bandhani, Designer Saree Collection are available in plethora of colours but red, green, yellow, black and maroon are the most favourites among the Indian women. Women in the state of Gujarat and Rajasthan wearing these sarees on festive occasion and during wedding present a very pleasing sight to the eye. Bandhani sarres that feature various gracious patterns such as waves, stripes and dots has truly given the Indian saree a global recognition. It essentially gives the feel and essence of true Indian flavour.

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