Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bandhani Saree – the Ethnic Wrap of India

Bandhani Saree is the most sensual and the captivating wear for Indian women. May it be a tall, fair Punjabi girl from North, or another long haired, dark toned South Indian female from Kerala, a sari wrapped around is just the thing to go with.A Saree being the ethnic and traditional outfit in India, also have found appraisal in other Asian countries like Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Nepal, and Singapore.

Saree Collection:-If asked at any whooping Saree store about the Saree Collection, one might be left surprised about the handsome mix bag of such a diverse Saree Collection available for purchase at a time. Allocated by the means of the style of the fabric used and the weaving pattern of that fabric, each turn and corner of many Indian States has now seemed to have developed their own exclusive Saree Collection trend.

Likewise, from the huts and desserts of Indian states of Rajasthan and Gujrat,another variety among the varied Saree Collection has grabbed the attention of Saree lovers over years. It is the Bandhani Sarees,Saree Collection also known as the Bandhej, or Bandana, or tie dye, that possibly because of the rich, elegant fashion in which the bright, gleaming colors are used in the fabrication, have turned out to be a statuesque outfit for Indian women.

Bandhani Sarees:-The Bandhani Sarees are fabricated by an unmatched craft of tying and dying several parts of a piece of cloth (cotton or silk) in various artificial or natural colors. After drying, the cloth seems to have got magically decorated with many colorful dots, figures and waves to bring out an outfit that is a pure delight to set eyes up on.

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