Thursday, 15 March 2012

Because Haute Couture is No Longer Restricted to the Ramps!

Ghagra Cholis seem like such outdated, old-fashioned form of clothing, identifiable with only your grandmother and mothers’ time, doesn’t it?  Well, that is one ridiculous thought that you must discard at once, when you set your eyes on this season’s latest range of mesmerising sets of ghagra cholis and chaniya cholis, which will transform you into the graceful and smouldering diva that you’ve always dreamed of. The contemporary trends in Indian ghagra choli fashion have also been emulating elements of the international fashion scenario, as is witnessed with all other examples of globalisation and liberalisation, with geometric patterns being used along with unconventional fabrics and cuts to add the western touch to the traditional and ethnic elements.

A classy and artfully created amalgamation of both, oriental and occidental fashion trends that adds to the vibrancy and glamour of the occasion. Designer Tops for Women can be worn with these ghagras and can tantalise you with the expansive range of designs, fabrics, cuts and hues, which will add that extra “oomph” that you require. We can find traditional airhostess tops with a full collar and sleeves and can be worn even with saris and ghagras to lend them a very smart look. While for a more contemporary look, we can opt for bustier style tops, tube tops, spaghetti style tops, tunic tops with brocade and zari patterning around the neck and the rim.

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