Monday, 27 February 2012

Get Gorgeous with Indian Bandhani Sarees And Asian Salwar Kameez

Bandhani Sarees is one of the most couture which generates the genuine magic, grace and beauty of a lady. With changing times in fashion, the world of Saree is going through a whole revolution, but the essentials of a Saree remain the unchanged. Likewise, other sarees, Bandhani sarees are also worn on petticoat along with a toning blouse.  In this contemporary era, the Saree has achieved great significance among other women apparel, and has sustained its poised and magnificence till date. You can start draping your Bandhani sarees around your navel, with touching the plain edge of you saree into your petticoat, and tuck the plain end of the saree into the petticoat and keep on putting it till you obtain a complete turn. Adjust it to your height, and wrap the perfect length. 

Next, draw your Bandhani sarees pallu till it is as lengthy as your open arm and when your extended arm is by your side, and then tuck it on your shoulder. Now, you need to know how to pleat a Bandhani sarees, Asian Salwar Kameez you can make pleats with your alternate fingers and thumb and make about 6-7 and clutch them straight making sure that these pleats are towards leftover and last, drape the left cloth around your body and protect the end part or pallu of Bandhani sarees to your shoulder and lock it with a safety pin. Bandhani sarees are idyllically worn with a pair of fine and balanced footwear in order to give a perfect look to the saree. Through Vihaan Apparels online store, you can check premium range of varieties of all kinds of sarees and other dress material.

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